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How to Rise Above the Noise - Matt Halloran

How to Rise Above the Noise - Matt Halloran

September 13, 2021

To Matt Haloran, we are 99.99% alike, we are all more than friends and acquaintances, we are family. 

Having come from humble beginnings, Matt has been everyone, from a therapist, to a life coach, to a successful entrepreneur yet, what makes him the most successful it is his ability to listen deeply and discover what is so unique about you; in order for you to rise above the noise.

Join me in this episode, as we dive through Matt’s history, vision and passion for his team and company to discover what makes him such an admirable person.


Key Takeaways:

  • To listen deeply, we must want to have the desire to listen.
  • We Failure it’s part of being human, and because of it we can be even more efficient.
  • Culture it’s the soil that cultivates the fruits of your company.
Do You Actually Relate to People? | Over Drinks with Evan Woolley

Do You Actually Relate to People? | Over Drinks with Evan Woolley

August 13, 2021

How can the right leadership navigate the recent, and history repeated, events in order to continue moving forward? There really is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ leadership; just misled leaders. Leading and navigating with your team is a process that grows with the amount of obstacles you face and overcome. Trust in an organization and in the public, as we’ll hear in this episode, is an essential element that sprouts from experiences, struggles and the ability as a leader to relate with his people.


It can feel like a hamonic dance yet a constant battle of dealing with problems and discovering solutions.

In a big organization like the government, which is built to go slow and careful, can create a sense of disconnect and unrelatedness to the common people as the world moves faster and faster. Join me today as the youngest  councillor for the city of Calgary, Evan Woolley, shares his insights and knowledge from a curtain many of us are not familiar with.


Key Takeaways:


  • have the audacity to challenge what was said to be “absolute” to say ‘no’ when it was always a yes. 
  • Do natural born leaders really have a better chance at being great leaders than those who learn the skills through experience and failure?
  • What is the secret sauce to be heard? Is being trusting and authentic enough?
An Open Sourced Global Movement

An Open Sourced Global Movement

July 26, 2021

The future. 

We all have one.

The big difference lives between those who spend the time to create one to work towards instead of being at the effect of other people's ideas of how the future should go. A vision gives us passion, drive and direction. Living in anticipation of a compelling future is a life worth living, as everything we do supports us in moving forward.

They inform our priorities, they expand our horizons and harness our strengths.

In 2017 a motley crew came together with a notion to bring more intentional effort to the creative process of creating a possible vision for the future of humans doing business.

Read about it here

Be A Conduit For What’s Next For Others | Over Drinks with Brian Kroeker

Be A Conduit For What’s Next For Others | Over Drinks with Brian Kroeker

July 16, 2021

How can leaders make a bigger difference in their employees lives?

Should leaders be quiet in the shadows and notice what is going on in order to empower whom they are leading? As Leaders, we need to lead by example. If your employees don’t see you living, breathing and acting on your vision; it is not effective, and it’s not empowering. 

It all revolves around building trust, and trust lives in the actions that you take. 

Join me today, as Brian Kroeker, President of Little Rock Printing, shares his insights on being relentless with expectations, the work needed to get where you need to go and his vision for providing the right opportunities for growth for his employees.

Key Takeaways:

  • How can we help our employees move up in their careers even if it’s not with us? 
  • The contrasting experiences of losing and winning shapes our trajectory
  • Step back and let others find the way things work best for them.

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So I Married an Entrepreneur (E5)

So I Married an Entrepreneur (E5)

July 8, 2021

Who Do You Need To Be To Build Resilience For The Future

Maya and I talk about the last quarter. The projects we were working on and the lessons they presented. The gapple with trying to get it right, the power of just going with the flow and the benefit of implementing custom systems and structures that supports (not constraints) creativity.

I know it all sounds like a big contradiction. 

Each of you listening has the ability and the freedom to create a possible future. When we’re able to flex the muscles of adaptability, resilience and intuition at a moment’s notice, your ability to navigate the unpredictable seasons of the future improves. 

New opportunities present themselves.

It’s just whether we’re paying attention and willing to embrace and implement the systems of support to build, pivot or keep going. 

There’s work to be done to define, understand and articulate who you are, what you stand for.
You’re here to be of service and make a difference.
You’re here to bring value.
You’re here to push boundaries and create new possibilities.
To explore new positions, new areas of focus and new directions to take.

I believe all of us are visionary and that it's time for you to create what’s next, leading yourself and others into the emerging future. 

The question is...what are you waiting for?

Entrepreneurship, Fast Cars & Fat Bank Accounts | Overdrinks with Marty Park

Entrepreneurship, Fast Cars & Fat Bank Accounts | Overdrinks with Marty Park

June 25, 2021

The game of entrepreneurship keeps you driven and hungry.

Busy building and doing, and rarely with a clear plan. 

At the beginning that's a good thing! 


What better environment to figure things out but rolling up your sleeves and digging in.

While there is always a part of us that wished we would have had MORE support, insight, awareness, mentorship.

Would it have really made the difference?

Would you have lost interest too soon?

Do you think you would have committed as much to doing the necessary work?


Being a leader and building anything is a practice and an evolution.

There is a moving towards and when the time is ready, the desire for a more clearly defined picture of the future (your vision) will emerge.

Join me, as Entrepreneur Advisor, Trainer, Coach & Bestselling Author, Marty Park, shares his insight on VISION, CULTURE and BRAND.


Key episode takeaways

  • The influences of our parental figures with their passions.
  • Advantages of public speaking at a young age.
  • The  dream of fast cars and fat bank accounts, the turning point.
  • Getting to the point of being ready to think bigger, slowing down and taking the time to define what it was they wanted to create (What inspired and motivated them)
  • You can only ever start small to go big. Create the critical touch points to keep the dream alive so you’re ready for the next opportunity.
  • When you’re ready to build, collaborate with others to make it happen.
  • Providing the opportunity to shape society and the future of business.
  • Action comes before motivation, purpose from creation
  • Culture exists, but who’s banging the drum? 
  • Stop the checking off or trying to fit in the box


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Book: Tiger By The Tail



Leading the way to equity in our communities and organizations | Over Drinks with Joanne Kinya Baker

Leading the way to equity in our communities and organizations | Over Drinks with Joanne Kinya Baker

June 4, 2021
Are you actually making progress in the area of building real equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace?
A great, simple measure to use in your own organization's progress is to ask a simple question:
Are you comfortable or not?
If you’re not stretching or expanding to address this within your company
Then it's likely you’re not making enough progress.
And that’s ok.
We might feel we should just stick to our lane
And in doing so maintain our status quo and our predictable habits
On this episode of The Gyst Life I speak with Joanne Kinya Baker from Shades of Humanity
We navigate through tough, uncomfortable and necessary topics around racism, equity and the hidden attributes and legacies beliefs originating from white supremacy that continue to influence us without our knowing or approval.
These are challenging things to speak about, but they don’t have to be. 
It is the bravery of those like Joanne that we must rally behind and intently listen to, with empathy and with a commitment to seek clarity and understanding first and foremost…
So we can take action with confidence and with certainty as the leaders we are in this emerging future.
How to Succeed in a Highly Commoditized Industry | Over Drinks with Erik Hytonen

How to Succeed in a Highly Commoditized Industry | Over Drinks with Erik Hytonen

May 21, 2021

What do you do to keep going? 

How do you avoid the trap of quick money and the long term cost of taking shortcuts now? 

How do you keep your people happy and your business profitable as you grind away while at the same time work to create something meaningful for everyone involved?


Join me as I speak with Erik Hytonen as he shares his journey. 

Like all of us, there are unique lessons and experiences Erik’s acquired over time, and he shares what’s worked and what hasn’t.

What’s kept him going and what he had to get out of his way if he was to succeed as a leader in this changing environment and highly commoditized industry.


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87. How To Be With Your Spicy Self

87. How To Be With Your Spicy Self

May 4, 2021

I have a cat in heat for a second time (back to back with a very short, 2 week buffer).

If you’ve experienced this before, you will understand.

If you haven’t, you’ve been warned.

And be ready to accept responsibility for how it’s going to go.


How aware are you of those nagging voices that are constantly crying out?

Constantly demanding attention, not knowing why they are demanding your attention yet continuing to demand your attention.


Do you ever have those voices, those thoughts that pull on you in multiple directions at once?

How many times do we abdicate that control over to those “powers that be?.




We have our ideal picture of how our days or our life, or our conversations should go.

We love it when it goes the way we intended.

It feels good. 

We feel fulfilled. And we look forward to the next time that happens.




But what about those moments when they do not go the way you pictured.

Like not even close to it? At all.

What then?

Who are we in that space? 

What do we do, how do we carry ourselves in those moments and what do we make it all mean?


Remember this (if you want):

You are more than your reactions in that moment.

Give yourself space to just be.

Get a different perspective.


Create yourself newly while still being with those chaotic thoughts and being ok with it all.

It is possible.


You are a human being who is aware of “it”.

You understand that you impact not just yourself but everyone around you.

And that you have a responsibility to steward yourself.


Because you are not a cat.

More Financial Advising, Less Selling | Over Drinks with Spencer from Sagium

More Financial Advising, Less Selling | Over Drinks with Spencer from Sagium

April 28, 2021
Financial Advisors...
They have a direct impact on the livelihoods, future life experiences, and overall emotional wellbeing of their clients. 
Unfortunately, the financial industry as a whole has taken some big hits in the trust space. And it’s brought a level of caution with how we proceed going forward. 
Never mind bringing people together around an aligned cause and purpose in any arena that typically has only the best interests of the few at heart. This takes something. 
But people like Spencer and organizations like Sagium are doing the hard work of making things right and ensuring their client's best interests are served, not the shareholders of the industry. 
On this episode Spencer shares his journey; those actions he took that got him to where he is now and what the leadership team at Sagium has been doing to keep growing strong and succeeding as an organization during uncertain times.
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